Implant Pivots at the Wheel of a Watch

It is not a common practice today, was once everyday to make the implant pivots at the wheel of a watch who had lost them, well outside due to the impact caused by a blow or wear caused by use. Later this practice was leaving to proliferate fornitura stores which facilitated, the watchmaker, the cutting of most of the watch movements manufactured, with which it was not necessary to make them in workshop, this meant greater speed in carrying out repairs and brought cheaper spare as in factories producing them by hundred as that in the workshop held one. Today these stores already can’t get these parts of the mechanisms to reason that their manufacturers no longer exist or have derived their production toward other types of current mechanisms, therefore If we want to rehabilitate these small jewels of mechanical us there is another option which recovered the old practices watchmaking.

The procedure to carry out this work consists of separate your wheel, annealed this, drilling, turning a prosthesis that adapt to the original shape, insert them pressure made holes and again tuning shaft already repaired, conclusion riveting, again, the wheel on the axle.

Depending on the size of the wheel we can not always implement only the pivot if not that will also have to be part of the prosthesis the body top, or bottom, shaft and even the fastener to fasten the wheel according to TECHNOLOGY-WIKI.COM.

The drill which is carried out on the shaft must have a depth, as a minimum, the length protruding from the and if possible double, although best results are achieved with triple, this latest depth is very complicated when it comes to drills with very small diameter, less than 60 hundredths of a mm bits are broken to lower excess pressure , therefore it is necessary to be well sharpened, very well lubricated and that will exert less pressure as possible on them, a bit that breaks a hole inside is often impossible to remove, thus ruining the possibility of the implant pivots at the wheel of a watch. The decision of the depth that we will give to the drill we will consider the necessary diameter and the order of the wheel inside the train, which supports increased pressure on its axis is which engages with the drive wheel, the latest being that is subjected to less pressure.

It is advisable that the root of the prosthesis is a diameter larger than the visible part. Also must be on it a recess long, consisting of a pass of router, in order to evacuate the air lodged in the drill, thus avoiding compression in time to stuff it.

On this occasion did the implant Paris pivots at the wheel of a style mantel clock with chime for hours, socks and wake up. Wheel damaged as a result of a fall, presenting amputation of both pins on its axis, was the escape wheel, your pinion occupied most of the length of the shaft since it engages in a differential wheel and exhaust system mounts it perpendicular to the rest of the train.

Preliminary consideration:

My shop does have the necessary means to carry out these tasks?.

Work to be done:

Shaft preparation for Prosthetics.

Two prosthesis manufacture a superior to form the seat and rivet wheel, the upper body of the axis, and the top pivot, and a bottom to form the lower body of the axle and bottom pivot, both will be equipped with a root that join into the respective holes.

Development of the work:

I put in the tone wheel holding it into the caliper by its pinion, taking care not to damage their wings by an excess of torque, using a chisel I remove the upper body of the axis and the top of the rivet, extract the wheel and remove the rest of the rivet.

I take the lathe shaft and destemplo it.

I put axis on the lathe amount the counterpoint drill and with a bit of focus frame in the center of the shaft with a depth of a few hundredths, replaced the Center by a drill bit and very slowly and cleaning the drill according to the advance continued until the desired depth.

I should turn on the lathe shaft, remove lower body and do the drill.

I put a rod of steel on the lathe tournament root, a highlight of greater diameter, which I will use as support to assemble the prosthesis, and a diameter larger than that of the rivet wheel in this way the upper denture, the bottom is very similar to the above but with a small difference in the diameters.

With the help of the punches potenza embuto prostheses in the shaft, first the top and then the bottom.

Again I place the axis on the lathe, this time already with installed prostheses, and proceed to turning, in the upper prosthesis, wheel seat, rivet, the upper body of the axis and top pivot. I should turn the shaft in the lower denture tournament lower body of the axle and bottom pivot, this time each section longer diameter and length.

Sack the axis of lathe and verify it in the place where he has to be placed and then Temple it.

Back in the potenza I remacho the wheel on the shaft.

I try the wheel in the clock and after observing their correct operation give terminated the implant pivots at the wheel of a watch.

If you find yourself in a case similar to this and need to deploy pivots on a wheel and can’t, or don’t want, do it yourself, remember that we are at your disposal, promise that the prosthesis made will not be neither longer nor shorter than necessary.