In Autumn Collections

Autumn is fast approaching. To provide inspiration for the coming season our site look closely at some of the most interesting autumn collections. Today, two British and one Italian.

Dunhill agree with Kim Jones spearheaded the flag for British menswear remained high. The stripped raincoat visible on the front face Dunhills Jude Law below are speaking for the brand’s classic design language with a sophisticated modern twist. Note especially diagonal cut that gives a strong graphic sense to simultaneously feel super timeless. As the inner lining, a map of London in 1893. The more tailored part will continue in nature unique British style with Savile Row as a base.

As for Dunhill, you can not mistake the British style of Hackett’s autumn collection, although the latter opted for a slightly more faithful to the original interpretation. Three-piece suits, bowler hats and tweed chills are permanent features of what many describe as the UK’s answer to Ralph Lauren.

Luca Roda
If Jermey Hackett personifies British stiff upper lip mode is Luca Roda its absolute opposite. With a focus on accessories and a large dash of playfulness defuse Luca Roda Mr closet. Collection images of autumn feels wonderfully nonchalant, but at the same time with a super sophisticated feel.