In the Pool and on the Beach, Sleeves or Floats

The floats and Sockets, next the burbujita who is caught with a simple strap, have been the most commonly used elements of security for decades, to such an extent that neither knew nor used otherwise.

However, be it for lifetime doesn’t mean that it is the safest according to localbusinessexplorer. Time ago that comes saying that inflatables are dangerous and why experts recommend that, When it comes to go to the pool or beach, unused or sleeves or floats.

Why not to sleeves and inflatable floats

The floats they are dangerous as a matter of confidence. Parents recognize them as trusted, it makes them feel safe and that is what makes them dangerous. A child who is in the water It should be always accompanied by an adult, and where this is not bathing with him, it should be watching him constantly.

More than one child, in their games and moving more than normal, has managed to turn the float, falling face down. More than one child has raised arms and, being larger than the child float, has crept into the hole until it is submerged in water. It is enough that at this time we are looking to other side so little life at risk.

In regards to the sleeves, as is the case with floats, they can be pierced easily. They will also be of adequate size to the child, since if they are large they can leave when the child lift arms (or better said, the child can leave sleeves). On the other hand, both floats like little sleeves help children to learn to swim, because they greatly limit the movement of arms and, when they are without them, do not know very well how to move arms to float and move.

What alternatives there are

Fortunately, over time have appeared new elements for children safer and more appropriate so that they can learn to swim. The element is the churro, that helps them to float and not hold them for any part of the body, they are children who must hold with him. Churros can also join by the Center to make a circle that can be useful to children when they are still small. Obviously, We have to be watching them continuously.

In addition to churros, the belts of cork boards, to help them float and can move gradually withdrawing as the child moves better through water. As they are a little damn in providing balance in the child (va caught by the waist and chest, not armpits, but it can be adjusted to help them be more vertical) obliging them to be more aware of the position and ultimately It helps them to become more skilled in the water.

If you’re not convinced or they feel unsafe, can always turn to the sleeves of polystyrene that it is composed of multiple disks. I have always used them (I have this model) and going very well because not can click, are securely fastened in the arms, and as the child grows and floats better can go removing discs.

The other option is the swimwear with integrated floats, They help the child to float leaving you free to move arms and legs.

Whatever the method chosen as important, making sure children are safe in water, is our presence and our surveillance. The water is terribly dangerous for a child who can’t swim, so long as they are within we must watch them, because accidents happen, and happen also when you least expect it.