In the Spring of 2016 From Kiton

Next on the tour for the spring collection surveillance is Italian lyxgiganten Kiton. With the motto “The Best of the Best +1” has clear ambitions in every market segment they intend to lie. If they are the best in the industry or not we leave unsaid but there is no doubt that the Kiton offers quality, design and fabrics of absolute world class.

Despite its exorbitant price and focus on primarily tailored products Kiton feels anything but conservative. They often mix in bright colors, distinctive patterns and lookbook styled often with vacant garments like jeans or polo shirt.

We have looked into the spring collection where Kiton together with their own weaving Carlo Barbera has developed an extremely thin wool web in only 12.8 microns which corresponds to about s220 (!). This fabric has been produced throughout the 20 colors and the availability of wool fiber long enough to produce such a fabric is extremely limited, which makes the price skyrocket.

Aesthetically, the collection has been inspired by the 1940s Naples. When the men survived after an exemplary dress code and it was not unusual to have changed several times in a day. Everything from a cool sand-colored blazer in linen during the day to a dark suit or tuxedo for an opera at the San Carlo Theatre.

The double-breasted blazer for seasons have broad impact without seeming extreme and have combined Kiton cashmere and linen for a luxurious and cool feel. The color palette is inspired by strong tones around the Mediterranean such as yellow, turquoise, cobalt blue, emerald green and cherry red.