In the Spring of 2016 From Luciano Barbera

Today we want to show spring / summer collection from Italian Luciano Barbera. The brand was founded in the early 70s of the man with the same name, has become the brand you immediately associate with the concept Stile Inglese, that an Italian interpretation of the classic British style.

Gentleman, Luciano was born into the textile business when his father was the legendary tygfabrikanter Carlo Barbera. The family business is located in Biella in northwest Italy, a region known for its fine textiles. It is also in Biella chosen to photograph the latest collection. For spring, they have taken the help of the Canadian photographer Neil Watson as the # menswear circuits are known as @saviorofprint and is one of the men behind the magazine A & H Magazine.

The characteristics of Luciano Barbera clothing is a clear focus on the Italian heritage in terms of both style and craftsmanship. They are extremely careful that the whole collection is made in Italy, something they do not thumbs a millimeter. One interesting thing that you do not always know when scrolling through a lookbook is that corporate clothing is very portable. It’s not like that style is dressed up and difficult to approach. On the contrary, it is a look that in fact many will be willing to bear.