Incidental Tips for Mixing Prints and Stripes in This Summer

Good morning girls!

Excited to start the week?

This week will be busy and hectic, just the way I like it!

In my work, everything is back to normal, which means: ordinary sessions + meetings + events, that “blogger” speaking, amounts to several looks for you. I confess that these days I’ve been really busy and have no break in meetings, my looks were always in jeans and blouse (Since heels were difficult to match.). But now, I have no more excuses and promise to come back with the posts!

As today is still the second, I decided to post a look I chose last weekend to go to a bar with the boy. I was on one of those days when I open the wardrobe with 1,768,332 pieces of clothing and say: “I have nothing to wear”.

Whenever I’m in crisis, I seek wildcards and parts that may generate unexpected combinations, so it doesn’t look like I’m always in the same uniform. So … I started trying out everything from this striped halter top of Renner (already mentioned here of the versatility of this piece, it goes with everything and is ideal for a fashionista in combinations), tried various shorts, but I found everything simply too much and, when I decided to leave for the skirts, I remembered that skirt of fringed MARA that was stored for a long time and decided to test it. To give more bossa to visual, I threw a shirt over jeans and put on a sandal of Oz!

Note: Please disregard your face cleanse! (Or 2 kg of retainer handle make this heat!)

Merge pictures on my blouse and sandals is a safe way for people who like to mix prints but afraid to look like a Peacock. In addition, the stripes are always easier to combine for sobriety and neutrality of colors. Stay beautiful with floral prints, ethnic, animal print, anyway, it goes with everything!

I found that the final outcome of this crisis was pretty cool and earned me a whole new look with antique pieces that, mixed, ended up generating a new, super jovial and cool visual!

And now… what do you think?