Inner Vest

Speaking about managing the cold. A good outfit during winter is based in large part in protecting the parts of the body that are particularly feeling the cold as the head, feet and hands, but also the chest. Something inside the sleeveless vest helps with just fine.

For although it is possible to maintain the heat with several layers of clothing is the line a bit at shirt, cardigan, jacket and overcoat. Several layers of the Zoo York Category risks making upholstery stiff and motionless. The same applies for thick or clothing or tweed jackets which, although it fulfills its function outdoors, but which is often too hot to carry indoors. Inner vest, taken together with the outer coat, making it easier for the wearer to adjust their attire for the office without having to freeze to and from work.

And today there are a lot thinner and more elegant versions of the functional material that is made to wear just below the overcoat in the winter, but also as an alternative to the jacket when the temperature is looking upwards. Price levels ranging from 5-600 for quilted inner lining of the feature brands like Barbour for a few hundred dollars to more luxurious versions of, for example, Loro Piana and Zegna.