Inspiration – a Free Fall

After reading some of the comments field for some time, we have to us that some sought example and inspiration to dress casually but nicely. Today I share with you three examples of how I will dress me in autumn on the theme of free but stylish, and that works both when you’re free and workplaces that do not have a stated dress code.

Many do not work in a suit or blazer and tie today we are using less. Personally, my casual wear relatively formal but adapted to the situation.

We enlisted the help of the photographer Ted Olsson to make the clothes more justice than myself, a hopeless model, normally manage to do.

navy blue cardigan

It is not the first time that I hit a blow to the navy merino cardigan. This garment from Sunspel is the most used in my closet. It feels like a hybrid between a sweater and jacket and can be used in a lot of different contexts. Today I wear it together with a white oxford shirt from Drake’s London and a pair of custom-made flannel trousers from Zaremba together with a pair of suede shoes from Loake 1880. I believe that this is a look that fits on 80% of all workplaces. Add a crocheted tie so it becomes a bit more formal. Replace the pants to jeans and it gets a little looser. A very walkable look.


Barbour jacket

I’ve written a lot already and could write an essay on the theme of Barbour jacket and everything around it. It is one of the most classic garments are available and there are few products that say so much unsaid that this jacket does. I’ve probably 6-7 different Barbour Jackets in various looks, colors, models, etc. They can be worn over the suit as well as with jeans. Today I have a little shorter Bedale SL originally designed for the Japanese market. During I have a thick Shetland jumper from Jamieson’s Scotland in the colorful faire isle pattern. Downtime will be a couple rådnimbyxor and a pair of brogues with thick rubber soles. This is a look I have almost every weekend throughout the fall / winter season. Then there’s the hair with hat.

To meet Olle in the gate and the answer to the comments I sense from experience think will come below and think like this. When asked why I have hat I would normally say; for the heats. It is of course part of the truth. But I admit that I’m vain and think that is pretty cool. Moreover, I am getting pretty tired of my hair from time to time feel sad, then it is easy to hide it under his cap… The scarf is discreet luxury and tumbled from Scottish cashmere Begg & Co.

Workwear jacket and chinos

This is a look I have become aware of recent years. There are a lot of stylish workwear jackets that are a cross between a shirt, jacket, jacket, workwear etc. In England called variants of them sometimes Shackets. My this is the navy cotton from Private White VC. Personally, I like to wear it up with a nice pair of chinos and a chambray- or oxford shirt. Looks as good a pair of jeans if desired. A balanced and quite casually clothes that could fit many who do not want to be so formal. I have, as I said a weakness for hats, and my bright red here (flirting a bit with Bill Murray’s character in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) is in cashmere from Johnstons of Elgin and scarf in Black Watch pattern also in cashmere from Begg & Co.