Inspiration From Instagram – Alan See

The store concept The Armoury feel safe loyal readers to by now. With two stores in Hong Kong and one in New York has been the past five years has become one of the most influential players in the # menswear sphere. Today we’ll look at Alan See, one of the two founders as an elegant and inspiring way represent the store’s supply and philosophy.

@seealan dress usually made to measure garments from Neapolitan Orazio Luciano or tailored from the Florentine Liverano. Classic coarser fabrics in pinstripe flannel and tweed for winter and linen, cotton and fresco summer. On the feet we find stylish shoes from Spigola, Yohei Fukuda, Carmina and Saint Crispin.

In addition to the extremely well-fitting garments in inspiring combinations, Alan has a large bell-interest one can see parts of through his instagramkonto.