Inspiration From Sartoria Dalcuore

One of the major Neapolitan tailors is Sartoria Dalcuore. It offers its customers tailor-made with a clear imprint of the region with typical Neapolitan incisions and minimal build-up in the form of inserts.

Today I thought we watch a bit of one of the many interesting tailors from Naples.

Sartoria Dalcuore has since 1976 produced handmade product of really high quality. It operates over 20 tailor in the studio and outside Italy, have created a large crowd of enthusiasts in Japan and.

Recently launched China’s perhaps best outfitter Brio Beijing (run by former investment banker and style icon  George Wang ) brand through Trunk Shows several times a year.

Style writer Fabio Attanasio has on a few occasions reviewed Sartoria Dalcuore on his blog “The Bespoke Dudes”.

If you like the style of the region and have the opportunity to visit Naples for fittings Dalcuore feels like a very interesting alternative. The price level of the company’s bespoke starts at 1500 € excl. Fabrics for jacket and about 1800 € excl. Fabrics for the suit / coat. The price of the fabric may of course vary enormously from eg a cotton blazer to a cashmere coat.

Here is some inspiration from the company’s products.