Interview: Insecta Shoes and Their Eco-Friendly

and mutable opens your first physical store in Porto Alegre

One of the principles of those seeking a life trash-zero is to buy things used or reform their prior to “throw away” or donate. Use to order same. Eventually we need to buy new things, it’s because we don’t think our numbers or our style in the offers of used either because we want something new (happens, uai). Although I agree with the sentence of Rick Ridgeway, Executive in charge of the environmental initiatives of Patagonia that says “the greener product is one that already exists”, I think brands that aims to create new things using the least amount of new features and with a certain awareness about your impact, deserve your space and applause. So, I came here to advertise the shoes of Insecta Shoes.

I ran into a Insecta for the first time in a picture of her friend Flavia Schiochet. As she is also super connected on veganism and eco concepts, I investigated and what was not my surprise to be a brazilian brand according to Ethnicityology.

Pamela Magpali, Barbara Mattivy and Laura Madalosso, members of the brand, make shoes from clothes to thrift shops using the concept upcycling – meaning resign something without having to recycle, but giving a new form to it. The sole of rubber, is also made of rubber industry surplus, crushed and redone. Recycled paper type even, according to them. In addition, all shoes are vegan, without any material of animal origin. And, because they were made from clothes, are super exclusive: you don’t always have all the numbers for each print and each pair is unique. So we were always of six on site, waiting for our number appear-or not, I bought a larger number because I couldn’t wait. The extra is that they are extremely comfortable. Seriously, who didn’t believe in it.

The brand, which sold online for the whole world and is full of fans on social networks, opened yesterday your first physical store in Porto Alegre – guarantee of success and the best interests of the people for real products in their values. The average price of the shoes is R$240, which individually is very caring, but are unique crafted pieces – and no one needs to have a thousand shoes, right? Invest in a quality, made locally in accordance with legal principles, comfortable and that will last a long time. It is worth saying that there’s a lot of shop that produces everything in China under questionable conditions, with material without so much quality and sells its shoes for the same price.

You ever thought about or had the intention to invest in something sustainable, eco, which features reutilizasse? How was the idea of creating the Insecta.
Yes, we always wanted to go to this side, but before we met we were without so many original ideas. Was the Union of the two brands even though the idea was more mature, and nowadays we are fighting increasingly to let the shoe the most sustainable way possible. Has several new ideas coming up soon!

How is the process of creating and manufacturing of shoes?
We hand-mining the garments to be dismantled. After they are dubbed with a sturdier fabric to turn shoe. Do the combination of tissues with the rest of the material and the shoe is manufactured virtually all by hand too, well crafted and low scale yet.

People seem to care about the origin of the resources that you use?
Yes, the crowd is super surprise when he discovers that the shoes are made of vintage clothing. Admire very, the feedback has been super positive not only for this but for the shoe to be super comfortable too!

The shoes are super cute. And ultra comfortable. And eco-friendly. And vegans. You see yourselves as an inspiration to people and other marks showing that all this is possible, that one doesn’t preclude the other?
Do not create anything with the intention of being a reference or inspiration, but I guess that’s it happening somehow. We’ve always been super critical and demanding, in fact, to be able to do a product of extreme quality and quite innovative. But it’s very nice to be able to pass on this message, I hope more and more people to inspire this kind ideas to make a better world:)

As you see this more sustainable movement in the fashion world here in Brazil?
We see that is growing and being valued more and more each day, we were pretty happy with that. Still it’s hard sometimes to find supplier, but the supply is increasing, that’s for sure.

Finally, what is the future of the brand? Do you have plans to increase production, sell elsewhere, make different partnerships etc.?
We have thousands of plans and ideas and gradually they will leaving the paper. We’re opening our first physical store this month, in Porto Alegre, our homeland. We have plans of shops pop up in other cities in Brazil, a lot of ideas for partnerships and actions. We just can’t tell you any more for now;)