Is It Damaging To Sleep With A Bra?

Supporters of the use of the bra admit that it is not good to use it for more than 7 hours in a row, nor at night. We must allow proper lymphatic circulation to avoid problems.

The subject of the use of the bra is, always, something controversial. Is it beneficial or is it harmful? Whether or not it is used by 80% of women, however, the real question arises as to whether it is appropriate or not to use it at night. Here’s what we explain.

Is The Use Of The Fasteners Adequate?

We have spoken to you in our space on more than one occasion about the use of the fasteners . Are they adequate? Or are they perhaps an element not without some risk for our breasts? A study conducted in France by  Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon , for example, told us that the use of these garments did little. Not to use them will avoid for example that, over the years, our breasts end uplosing firmness and appear more fallen. Moreover, according to this scientist the use of the fastener induces that we lose that firmness and that appear more stretch marks.

However, there are also other voices within the medical community that tell us its usefulness if, for example, we have very large breasts, thus getting better collected and making us feel more comfortable. The secret so that the bras do not cause us any harm is that we always choose our most appropriate size, a detail that, according to statistical data few women get to hit. Hence, sometimes we prefer bra bras whose rods or cups are too small, compressing the breasts , thus preventing the proper circulation of blood. We must go carefully, if you are the ones that can not do without their use, always watch to choose the most comfortable and suitable bra to your body. Is essential.

Sleep With Or Without Bra, There Is The Question

Usually, experts advise us to dispense with this garment when going to bed.There is, for example, a study from FashionisSupreme warns us of something we must keep in mind. The bra compresses several lymph nodes and lymphatic channels, thus preventing us from filtering and eliminating toxins naturally through lymphatic drainage. We must also remember that many of these functions take place during the night, which may lead to fluid retentions, details that in the long term can cause for example the appearance of possible cysts, fibrous nodules or tumors. It’s a risk.

Fasteners can compress our breasts or part of our armpits, preventing the lymph from releasing the toxin, a circulatory problem that can be aggravated further with another fact to keep in mind: the fabric of the bra makes our breast temperature rise, something Which in the long run is not good either. We must remember that a precancerous breast, has a higher temperature than those who are healthy. It is not worth it to induce this thermal elevation during the nights in our breasts.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the breast needs some movement to allow the lymph to circulate. Those who defend the use of the bra usually do it with a small nuance: it is not good to use it more than 7 hours a day. Nor is it appropriate to do so at night. The breasts need to feel a little free of that support, they need to move so that with it, they allow the circulation of the lymph and its massage. Recall once again that we need the proper circulation of lymph and blood so that the toxins do not accumulate, so that they can be released and not stored in the breasts. So, if you are used to wearing bra because you are comfortable, because you see it aesthetic or because you are accustomed, it would be advisable not to use it for at least more than 7 hours in a row.

Now, if you are one of those women who can not do without the sleep fastener, you must know that there are night fasteners. These are specific sleepingwear.And what is his secret? you will ask yourself. These are fasteners that have a suitable shape to separate the breasts and thus avoid the unsightly wrinkles when compressing one breast over the other. They are cotton, without hoops or rods, they allow perspiration, which we can move without noticing them, but feeling protected if it is what you need and you are accustomed to them.

But first of all remember, it is basic that you always use fasteners according to your size, avoid those that have seams and that oppress the chest, those that have fillings or metallic rings. It is imperative. Although the most suitable, undoubtedly, is that at night without the bra whenever you can.