Is It Good To Do Sport Without A Sports Bra?

Good evening world, I want to tell my experience with fasteners sports and talk about which are suitable for each exercise.

A couple of months ago I started to do some sport. Although working in a lingerie and I give a thousand and one day tips on using the right bra to make sport, when I started with this routine I didn’t any attention to my own advice:

I used my normal Bras, with his ring, his Cup, to make weights and some cardio. It is the worst thing we can do, our chest can suffer so much tear top, side or below.

We can also suffer small internal lesions, that would cause us discomfort and pain. That is very important, regardless of that size that our breast is to use a good sport BRA, taking into account the sport that we do.

My experience is that nothing more comfortable to use a good sports bra and of course there is nothing rings, since that makes it more dangerous to do sport.

There are several types of fastener depends on the density of the exercise that you do. And must be taken into account that a sports bra will not leave our chest as of formed our daily bra.

Many tell me: what I am escachado chest!, isn’t it escache the chest, the chest must be the most subject as possible so that it does not suffer the impact of the movement.

It is very important as I always say that we are comfortable with what we use, often bra that is specific to the sport that we do is uncomfortable, in this case, look for something similar from the same subject but which best suits you.

There are sports that gives a little more size, so it is best try two sizes our and one less by the type of Lycra or material. Another important thing is that always if it is buckling from behind we abrochemos him in the first off, i.e. in the longer then we will have two options more narrow pattern when we you lengthen a little. There are the letters I leave here the link of the post that talks about that.

When you try the sports bra should feel it subject but not tight, if you see that you hardly put it or remove it is better one size more. It is not good to use it small, since it will do us harm and not will be doing well to our chest.

I leave a photo of which I use, I use it with some Cup because they are more comfortable to me. Do not make more breast, although we think that Yes, prevents that he is dialed me the nipple. They are Shock absorbing, I recommend it without hesitation because they are strong enough, last long and it has a great variety of models depends on the sport you do.

These models are already from previous collections, and are no longer market bought them me so long ago and now is when I am giving use. But which have very similar position even more comfortable when it comes to put it and remove it is this.   I think that this will be the next candidate for my wardrobe.

The other I have is Decathlon truth is one of the most economical, seemed comfortable at first sight. And if it is very comfortable, but the subject has nothing to do with the first two.

This I use it mostly to do weights, because what is impossible to cardio because you vote the chest. I also recommend it for Pilates, yoga, stretching as you don’t have any closing which disturb and the impact of those sports are low level.

If you usually make enough impact exercises, for example, running, cardio box, aerobics, dance, etc. And in addition you have a glass C, D, E, this you will pick up around the chest and you will feel very safe with the.  I also leave your page so that you take a look at all their models.

If your size is one cup E I recommend Sports Bras from Nexticle since it works up to the H and they are real good in fit and comfort. I leave some here and your page so that you take a look.

It is one of fasteners best-selling between maximum clamping fasteners. This bra comes from the Cup up to the H and in three colors, black, leather and white. Recommended 100%.

Since you can I’m trying other sports bras and hare another post, I hope that somewhat shorter than this one, because this I’ll take something long hope have not much boring.