J.Lindeberg AW 2010

Speaking of Swedish brands that undergoes a total transformation . J.Lindeberg develops with its upcoming fall collection, the other under chief designer Pierangelo D’Agostins management, further its concept tehcno couture. Our site give you a taste.

J.Lindebergs new vision reflected as clearly in the clothes as the way to communicate the collection. The talk is no longer about the season’s most important sources of inspiration or any style the models. Now people are talking exclusively about clothes and function.

The mix is in many ways unique. Firstly, there is the part dressed with suits in pinstripe and glen check pattern where the brand is currently working with five basic models. The silhouette is generally very straightforward with short lengths of both the jacket like trousers, soft shoulders and high-buttoned. Lined cashmere ties, elegantly patterned silk scarves and classic business shirts made with Italian Mastai Ferretti completes the look.

The well-dressed style combined with significantly sportier garments in modern technological materials, which in recent seasons has become one of the brand’s hallmark. Jackets lined with Gore-Tex waterproof flannel fabrics and jackets with compartments for every conceivable tech gadgets are just a few examples. For fall launched including a shirt with ärmpatch attached to the garment completely by compressed air. Lalle Johnson, a design consultant for J.Lindeberg, showcasing one of the collection’s key pieces, jacket in water-resistant flannel.
– For the fall collection, I think it is clear that we have taken another step in bringing together sports and function with style. This jacket would you basically just as easily go skiing in the wear of the business suit, says Lalle.