Jack & Jones Jacket

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This winter we are amazing with low temperatures, at least here in the North, so we put hands to work and we have been looking between sales in Amazon Spain fashion any pledge of shelter to make easier cold, and our search has paid off, because this jacket Jack & Jones Jcopupuffer has appeared by only 37.13 euros.

At the moment are all sizes between S and this jacket XL feather type quilted, so I leave the size chart of the brand so that you have access to and you choose the most suitable size for you. As you can see, has close zipper and the mao collar and with a hitch to buckle, a detail that makes it very youthful. In addition, being Black, you will combine with the vast majority of casual clothes you have in the cupboard. Its composition is 100% polyurethane and will serve for the days of rain and cold. If you look at the picture, you’ll see that it is a good combination with jeans and sneakers or boots to which you can add a shirt or jersey below.

While our online store mark as price reference 75.59 euros, the truth is that to find it in other websites, we have seen that in all of them marked as official price 89.95 euros, as it is the case of Zalando, Stileo or Defshop, although in the latter euros have it lowered to 50.99. Based on these data, we can say that you are saving a 58%.

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