Jeans Leggings for Women

Leggings are super comfortable – but how to style they right? We answer the most important questions.


What is Jean Leggings?

Jean Leggings are often referred to as jeggings (a word combination of jeans and leggings) and combine the advantages of both garments: They sit crisp as a pair of skin-tight skinny jeans, yet offer the comfort of leggings. The close-fitting trousers have a high stretch in the denim and nestle by soft to the body. An elastic cord or band in the waistband ensures a perfect fit. Jean Leggings can include patch or only visually indicated pockets.

Jeans Leggings for Women

What are Jean Leggings?

Their tight fit Jean Leggings look best to shapely legs. Large, thin women make in the tight pants a great figure. With high shoes and petite ladies can wear Jeggings look good. Extra weight on the belly and hips or stronger legs will not forgive these pants shape unfortunately. Even for very thin women are Jean Leggings less advantageous.


Which washing is the right one?

Like conventional jeans there are also Jean leggings in all current washes. Which fits best depends inter alia on for any occasion you wear the pants and how to combine them. Dark, uniform washes look elegant and fit as well as for office look. Distressed Washed leggings are more suitable for leisure.


What tops suit Jean Leggings?

It is best to combine Jeggings with wide, over long tops. You should reach at least to the Po. Ideal are Long sweaters, casual tunics or long shirts in boyfriend style. Wear with accessories like a chic belt or towel around the waist to highlight features. Also a pretty knit dress can be combined beautifully. Young women who are blessed with a model figure and are happy blessed and happy to draw attention to itself, may also carry short or even crop tops for jeggings.

Jeans Leggings for Women

Which shoes fit Jean Leggings?

Jeggings from philosophynearby look best on shoes with heels. They bring beautiful legs even better advantage. For the fall and winter are recommended boots, ankle boots or ankle boots. In summer fit pumps or high-heeled sandals. For a casual look great women can also combine with Jeggings Chucks or other athletic shoes. For little ladies high heel shoes for Jean Leggings are more advantageous than flat, as they visually lengthen the leg.


Further information:

Wash: Dark Denim, Denim Destroyed, Black, Grey, White, Bleached.

Waist: very low, somewhat low, low, comfortable, classic.


Jeggings: Trendy and comfortable all-rounder

In Baur see next Joe Browns fashionable jeggings. The fashionable Jeggings are a combination of jeans and leggings. They look so stylish like a pair of jeans and provide high wearing comfort, since they easily adapt to such leggings to the wearer. Stretch ensures the perfect fit.


Jeggings are obtained in different washes

Baur offers Jeggings from reputable manufacturers that are depending on the model closed with button or zipper or have a stretch waistband. As with jeans, it is possible even with jeggings to choose different body heights and washes. The figure-hugging Jeggings are very popular especially in dark blue tones with distressed washes. Some Jeggings have patch pockets, with other models, the bags are only hinted at.