Jeans Summer Trends

2015 jeans, here’s all the spring summer trends to follow. From flared jeans to stylish 70’s style to boyfriend jeans there is an embarrassment of choice. We discover together the new denim trends.

Jeans, ever present in the wardrobe, are authentic evergreen in any season, although from time to time trends change. We discover together the hottest jeans models of spring summer 2015.There are the classic tight jeans, a must for a few seasons now, but also soft and baggy ones that seem borrowed from the wardrobe of him, but not only. Here are the inevitable patterns for spring summer 2015.

Boyfriend jeans

We have already shown off during the last few seasons, in short they are jeans from your profile very soft, with long rise and the average lifespan. Are straight, so the ankle result definitely wider, which is why they are worn mostly with the flap. I’m definitely not recommended to those who are too low or too buttery silhouette because it certainly doesn’t enhance the figure,

Girlfriend jeans

The Classic jeans, a slimmer version of the boyfriend jeans, but not too tight, unlike skinny that put much emphasis on curves. Remember the old models that we brought in the ‘ 90 and are neither stretch nor too tight. The advantage of this model is that it’s okay to practically everyone.

Flared jeans

The 70 ‘s fashion there has reported the flared jeans, one of the coolest models of spring summer 2015. This model is very adherent to the knee while widens on leg and ankle and is perfect when paired with a pair of wedges. The flared jeans are fine pretty much at all.

Mom jeans

Are those who wear our moms, those that were fashionable among the years ‘ 80 and ‘ 90: have the high life, a shrinking cigarette cut ankles, but don’t seem to anyway. Not the stretch and have a pretty stiff finish. They look good to those who have the narrow waist and the sidewalls, but flattened the b-side.

Skinny Jeans

We take them for years and they always seem to be the most beloved especially by young girls and women very fit. It’s a decidedly snug pants, which goes just about everything and can also be worn in more formal circumstances.