Jeggings / Leggings / Treggings – What Are They And How To Combine Them?

Maybe you’ve heard of them, or even, you’ve worn them sometime, these are leggings, jeggings or treggings, a new type of clothing, which has had great success in recent years. Today, we will explain what each of them is and how to combine them.

What Are Leggings And How To Combine Them?

They are very tight pants, usually made of lycra, nylon or cotton. The leggings have always existed and usually reach the ankle, although lately, we see them a little shorter, below the twins.

When combining leggings, there are several options, for example, wear leggings under dresses or short skirts, rocker style or simply combine leggings with wide shirts, for daily use.

What Are Jeggins/Jeggings And How To Combine Them?

Jeggins are great if you love wearing jeans or jeans. These are a mix between lifelong leggings and jeans or jeans. In addition, they usually wear the stitches of the classic jeans. The jeggins are versatile, comfortable and elegant at the same time.

On how to combine the jeggins, simply do it as if it were a classic jeans.

What Are Treggins And How To Combine Them?

The treggings are the most recent of the “leggings phenomenon”, these are tight but elegant pants. The treggings are tight and sophisticated pants to carry to work, provide great comfort for the whole day.

You will wonder, how to combine the treggings, well, wear them with a jacket, shirt and some heels, you will look sexy and elegant at the same time.

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