Karolina Kurkova on The November Cover of Elle UK

We have a possible candidate for the best cover of November and just start October. Karolina Kurkova, famous for being one of the images of Victoria’s Secret, It is the new star of the Edition British Elle.

The model appears in the magazine after in February for her and let photograph by Matthew Vriens. Out spectacular on the cover, with a sensual pose, trapping with the look, while with his hands he covered breasts due to the transparent blouse that it carries, strange.

The cover is once again very sober, which is Malgosia Bela in the Edition Spanish Vogue this month, that may come given the bad economic times, where this type of magazines avoid a conception too elitist and luxury, keeping the public who cannot afford whims as things stand for.

I hope that the magazines will follow their finery, and they do not bet all along this line. Now, no point of comparison with the cover of this month’s Elle with Alexa Chung.