Kate Moss, Mario Testino and Vogue Brazil, What More?

The new home for the month of May 2011 of the Vogue Brazil It is absolutely amazing. It may be that you like, it may not be your style, but I can not deny that Kate Moss It leaves the public with the mouth open and invites you to buy the copy. And it is the top poses as his mother brought her to the world: nude. Your outfit? Two Maxi gold bangles.

Under the white background and Golden lyrics, Kate is sensual, sexy but simple way. Photography comes from the hand of the unmatched Mario Testino, renowned and famous fashion photographer not to say the best). I must congratulate the Brazilian version of Vogue for that with this cover they have overcome, I declare myself unconditional fan of it! This has been done for Mark 36 anniversary of the publication.

I think that the choice for this celebration has been quite successful since the captive displayed image and, above all, is surprising: the lack of clothes in a fashion publication makes this more interesting if possible … do you think?