Knitwear in Autumn

Model / Material
Selecting a model is rarely pure and simple. v-neck pullovers, cardigans or jackets are good options for those who want to wear the sweater with a shirt underneath a blazer or jacket slimmer, while a hefty cardigan can be a good alternative to autumn jacket. If you are only in a jacket, it is important that the sweater is not too thick. Better ullkvalitéer as cashmere and merino wool can be relatively thin and still be hot enough for much of the fall season. Our site also want to strike a blow for the knitted vest that is clearly underestimated, especially if you are supposed to wear the sweater under a jacket when you do not have to sweat under the armpit. The knitted rugby shirt is another underrated model that is super stylish blazer or trench coat for a casual feel.

The colors
Fall season does not have to mean a gray-black color scheme. Knitted sweaters is a rewarding way to give the upholstery color. Break off the brown tweed suit or jacket, for example, a purple cardigan over. Likewise shirts with pattern and texture nicely to give the cover a little life. Overall, lends color and pattern of good or clothing because the carpet material provides a slightly muted feel. For those who have adopted a somewhat more subtle style is obvious classic colors like navy blue, brown and beige are always safe bets.