Knowing the Autumn – Winter Collection of OE

By Jacob polished & Hector Guzman | Chriztian Medina photography

Tell us a little bit of Fidel González?

My work at Chloe began 11 years ago, ami I play open marketing Dept., has been a challenge, a great experience being in an ideal environment for creativity.

Because there is a need to change the image of the web site?

The current renewal of the site is due to a need to focus on the end consumer as opposed to our first page is aimed directly at our distributors, so we decided to start directing us according to our strategy, which is the opening of our points of sale. Provide information to our customer from the location of our boutiques to trends of the season. And we are already working on our 3rd stage that is focused on our boutiques, something more interactive, special promotions, tips, and be able to interact with social networks according to shoesespecially.

We previously identificábamos the brand as CLOE and apartir of this campaign you see the contraction of OE, this to be?

Cloe will change to OE, abroad we know in this way, also the negotiations with our buyers in Europe already know us as OE also following market trends present a monogram with which we can identify. It is still the same brand, same quality, it is not a line of cloe is an evolution.

Do you think that the mark to position itself more with this new name?

Since this transition has been more than 5 years evolution has been very successful so we think you won’t have any problem.

How do you define the OE woman?

It is a woman between 25 and 40 years, basically is a woman having access to fashion, to all the information, that means lle, magazines, documented, even many of them traveling, are women who work, it is a “Latinoamericanamente-independent” woman, so OE women. One of the successes of the brand is to offer a lifestyle where you can accesorizar from head to toe by accessories, bags and with our “new son” the most recent line of shoes. So OE women can find their own style.

Tell us about the new advertising campaign that launches OE for the season autumn – winter is your proposal?

Starting with our first season OI footwear where our proposal is fashionable as it has been since nine years ago, when we started selling an accessory rather than a piece of luggage to innovate. Our line of footwear is focused on segment younger between 20 and 30 years old, a woman younger than this more interested in fashion, more trendy and who likes to wear a shoe with great height, with non-traditional colors, seeking the glamour. Also a proposal more sober and smooth accessories unlike monograms saturation that was previously.

Macarena Achaga is a new face in our country, why bring it to participate in this campaign and take the risk?

Basically because its appearance is very consistent with the Chloe woman, is a smart young woman and it shows in the Chambers, is denoted in the eyes a spark, knows fashion and we call much attention that is not only model but that his career in argentina although relatively new is successful.

I had the opportunity to be in the photo session for this campaign where participated Macarena and it is a very charismatic, full of vitality and talent of that way convey that to your customers using as half the new campaign?

There are 3 key in this type of communication elements, the first element is the proper selection of the model, the second point and the most important is the production, Carlos Garza and Waldo Alonso are us production currently, where Carlos Garza has an impressive resume, almost blindly trusting their talent.

The participation of Macarena in the soap opera of Pedro Damian, what impact will it have in the OE brand?

Obviously it is likely their participation to us very favorably impact but it is also very likely that this campaign has been supporting together with all his career with other brands would provide you momentum to work here in Mexico.

That is this alliance with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada with OE?

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is a very important name in the middle of fashion, the relationship which will be Agatha with OE is not the typical commercial relationship which has had with all the products that will be released are Cloe by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. The truth is that the business relationship has been so much fun so special, thanks to that spark of genius that the designer has thanks to its complex personality can have that type of products. So Agatha Ruiz de la Prada designed for the mark consisting of a collection of bags, suitcases and small parts as key chains, charms, wallets, wristlets and scarves that arose in February 2012.

What’s next for OE in 2012?

Continue to grow, one of our goals is a little closer to our end customers using internet and social networks, is a means of communication to which we are committed, on the other hand the growth will continue opening outlets to open more than 6 boutiques which 2 will be opened in the city of Mexico. And finally consolidate the line of shoes throughout the year.