Krizia Fashion Designer

The Krizia fashion brand fashion show in Milan fashion week: on these prestigious footbridges and ‘ staged a parade of fashion brand for the next spring-summer 2011. Like many other fashion companies, also has created a truly feminine Krizia very fancy but definitely original, starting from the colors, never banal, but also from geometry, which made the catwalks of Milan fashion week a little more lively. A collection of women’s fashion in perfect style Krizia, always very glamorous and eye-catching.

The models on the runway for Krizia in Milan fashion week have staged of the clothing and Accessories very interesting, dedicated to young women who want to dress up in a feminine, elegant, but also modern and never boring.
Absolutely delicious the white clothes , which are dressed in new geometries and innovative design . Beautiful also the clothes from the shade more lit, combined with ton sur ton Accessories.

There is no shortage of solutions rather bizarre, that make this show even more fun.

The parade of Krizia were brought to us by our site: waiting for this Boardwalk was very long, since it started late, not allowing us to be present at the other parade that we had scheduled for today, to Haute. A lot of people present, many photographers that impatient waiting for the start of the event. The fashion collection of Krizia offered two main colors, black and white, interspersed with fancy a little more lit. What about the aluminum look? Very futuristic.