Lacquer Spray on Shoes

One thing was to be said beforehand , who thinks lacquer-shoes are delicate and only a remnant of past days, is wrong. The lacquer shoe is again one of the favorite pieces of the designer this season. Whether it’s a ballerina, a high heel or a pump, this shoe offers a variety of timeless design.

If the all-over models do not appeal, it is based on small lacquer details in combination with other materials. One thing is for sure: lacquer shoes are an absolute eye-catcher, whether in simple black or in the new trend colors Bordeaux, fir green, but also metallic tones such as silver or rose gold.

Reckless? Are You Kidding Me? Are You Serious When You Say That!

In the golden 1920s, the lacquer shoe had its grand appearance-as a statement at every ceremony. Unfortunately, he fell into disrepute afterwards and was considered old school or posed. Only in the last few years did his image change again and today he is in his many forms perfectly suited to everyday life and evaluates every simple outfit.
The idea of ​​the lacquer shoe, by the way, existed long before the 1920s. In 1819 the American Seth Boyden invented the material by covering leather with linseed oil lacquer. Today, the lacquer shoe consists of polyurethane varnish, which is wrinkle resistent than its predecessor and avoids Glatzer.

Knew How

The combination possibilities of the lacquer shoe are almost unlimited: as a statement to the simple denim outfit, in combination with other lacquer accessories like lacquer belt or bag or in the material mix with high-quality fabrics like lace or silk. Or how about a coarse-knit woolen pantyhose in autumn?
If you want something more classic, combine the little black to a red paint pump or wear black lacquer to red accessories and lips.
Care should be taken when choosing the heel height. Too high hoes act quickly cheap, here applies: less is more!

Home Remedy Of Mutti

When taking care of our new favorites, it is important to wipe them from time to time with a damp cloth. However, the flap should not be too wet, because otherwise the leather warps and becomes cracked. If you should be surprised by the rain, just stuff the shoes with newspaper paper and let it dry at room temperature.

Otherwise, there are still some good home remedies to keep your shoes perfectly. For polishing you can use for example olive oil and castor oil, but also the inside of an orange bowl is excellent for polishing. It is recommended to rub baby oil in the inside of the shoes. This prevents the varnish from peeling off.

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