Learn How to Rid Your Boots over the Knee

Hello there, how are you?!

The subject of the day is a darling, by the way, darling, among you women, huh?! Already crazy to see the looks, I bet! Lol

Well, as they have seen, the theme of the time is the boot  over the knee  or long knee, above the knee. It has become an iconic and must-have piece for women of all styles, shapes and ages right?! For those who love fashion, it is essential on winter days!

To combine the boots over the knee this season, does not need much, after all  they transform any production. But to get it right, skirts are the top of the list among the most used combinations, of course, be it microssaia or not, even because it looks beautiful when they wear midi skirt with ‘long’ boots.?!

Two things that go very well with the boots are  scarves and hats, which, willing or not, leave the look with that visu fashionista. And when it complements with a mega sunglasses, get out of the way!

For the minimalists, a  trench coat  or just a basic neutral dress with a jacket in an all-monochromatic look is enough, since we can let the boot speak for itself. Also very stylish, with a belt to mark the silhouette, look cool!

Already for those who want to pass and be noticed, several layers of overlays, especially B & W is the last request. A show!

And maxi earrings and necklaces can be a good choice in this case. Always opt for combinations that balance the look overall.

GET THE LOOK: Here are some inspirational looks that I’ve separated for you!

So girls, what do you guys think? Like the looks?

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