Learn to Block Whatsapp If Your Phone is Stolen

If you have ever had your phone stolen or lost, you should remember the inconvenience caused to recover the data.And if you’ve never been through this, you need to know that if it does, you should take immediate steps to prevent your data from being stolen or your friends’ contact to be used for malicious purposes.

Not everyone knows, but WhatsApp offers a service to lock your account when your device is stolen or lost, preventing someone else from accessing your messages and contacts.The process involves a few steps, but all very simple to put into practice.And it’s important to know that you have this feature available, not leaving your data exposed.

The first step you should take if your cell phone has been stolen, or when you are sure that it was even lost, is to call the carrier for the number to be blocked.Then you must contact WhatsApp to request suspension of your account, this contact should be made through the email”support@whatsapp.com”.

In the email sent you should explain that you had your cell phone stolen or lost and enter the phone number on which the account is registered.This step must be done in an international format in order for your request to be answered.This means that you will need to add the DDI, DDD and phone number in the following format:+55 11 99999-9999, for example.

By doing this you ensure that your account is locked on the device.But what about reactivating it later?Once you have a new device, you’ll have to re-install the application and reactivate your account.It is important to know that the delay between deactivation and reactivation is 30 days.If you do not reinstall the application and re-enable the account at this time, it will be permanently deleted from the service servers.

WhatsApp notes that during the 30 days you have to re-use your account, messages sent by your friends will remain as pending, and you will have access to them if you reactivate the account within the proposed time limit.Even if you recover your account, the previous messages are not retrieved with it.They are stored on the device and WhatsApp can not restore old messages.