Leggings, Come Back To Stay

Nothing is more cyclical than fashion, what you believed to have died within a few years will resurrect later, and will do so with more force than ever.

The best sample of fashion recycling are the leggings , those super tight elastic meshes that until now seemed a sordid memory eighty.

While leggings do not get along with all the female figures, if you learn how to wear them can become your best allies because they are mostversatile and practical.

If you are 100% leggings you can not miss in your wardrobe at least a couple of black color, because simply “the black goes with everything”. With the classic black leggings there is no loss, be it day or night, be thin as a stick or plump, these leggings go on every occasion.

Beneath an elegant top, a baby doll dress , a tight miniskirt, a huge T-shirt; Or with ballerinas or heels, or boots, with the leggings you can put together the style that you want, you feel more comfortable, and you look more youthful, a good respite for those who were tired of the jeans to the hip that fell and taught Everything.

If you want to know more options on how to wear leggings, take a look at BESTITUDE.