Lemony Flutter of Lush

Today I come to talk about one of my favorite products for the care of the cuticles and nails. I refer to the Lemony Flutter of Lush.

It has become a basic and I always have in my bedside table. In addition, I often carry a jar of the sample in my handbag for emergencies.

As we look we can say that it is a tiny container or that it is a giant container… now you explain the why.

This cream is designed for use on cuticles and for this use, the container seems enoooorme to me. It contains 50 grams, and each use we use product approximately about the size of two lentils… So he is eternal.

Things change when you start to use it… that you realize that as acondiconadora and repairing of hands is formidable… and to masajitos after the pedicures and manicures… and for the heels and elbows, ultra soft leaves them… and to the knees…And so as you can see that those 50 grams fall short because you’d containers of half a kilo!

We are talking about a very dense cream, I would almost say that of an ointment. Does not have a light and easily absorbed texture although I must tell you that my personally I dislike nor the finish that leaves in my hands, is not sticky, but if that leaves them bright and a tad slippery by the amount of essential oils which leads. But it has a dry touch and does not stain, clear is not you can rub you in it… because as good balm, you takes three days to absorb the product on your skin.

I use it every night, because as I said, I have put in my bedside table and it is the last thing I do before the backlight turns off. As I’m going to sleep, I don’t mind that cream has not been absorbed completely, and however I rise with great cuticles and ultra soft hands.

My elbows and my heels are other since this cream came in my life already makes about one year.

I love its effectiveness, but also its aroma to lemon sorbet I love freshly squeezed (I don’t know if the Caribbean or where) intoxicates your senses when you wear it and it is a scent that lingers on the skin.

Its ingredients include lavender, lemon, Chamomile, Shea, avocado, oils of soya and linseed… Finally a cocktail of nutrients for the skin.

This cream is also great to use with an orange stick and push towards a skins behind, because removing them gently and allows you to work with them very well. In addition, a well hydrated cuticles, not emit pielecitas and remain retracted any longer.

Tell you, not acting as nail hardener but moisturizing and nourishing. But a well hydrated and well nourished on a regular basis, is one that will grow healthier, it will no longer open in layers and stop break easily.

You must bear in mind one thing, nails, do not have lungs (and therefore do not need to breathe between glazed or anything like that), but they need lots of water so that plates of keratin remain well engaged each other. Therefore, hydrate them everyday and if possible, in the morning and in the evening.