Level of Detail – Panther Ella

Many add several hours to find the right suit, shirt or shoes and then go and jump bulk socks in the nearest chain store. But the importance of looking and well-fitting socks should not be underestimated – anyone who has ever tried Panther Ella will not make the same mistake.

The hand linked toe is perhaps Panther Ella’s main hallmark. The technology means that the toe is closed by pairing the seams on each side of the sock and then attach these with a Single stitch. The result is a very smooth transition of the toe. Among poorer socks is often an overlap technique, which creates a clearer seam on the inside of the sock, which may be irritation of the toes.

Although this is a seemingly very simple garment, it is a huge difference between strumpors fit. Many socks tend to lose their shape after a couple of washes and wandering concentration of socks that never stays in its place is a strong argument for investing in a better manufacturer.

The heel is an important detail for strumpornas fit. Many people have experienced the feeling of socks that slide down from the heel, which are largely the result of poor fit. It is a relatively large difference between manufacturers, so a good tip is to try some different brands to see which ones fit your feet best.

Through direct contact with the skin is strumpornas materials is especially important. Many advocates cotton socks for ease of washing. The advantage of ullkvalitéer is a better breathability, but also wool material has antibacterial properties which makes it enough to wash socks in 40 degrees so that they become clean. Panther Ella uses merino wool that is much easier than many other ullkvalitér, but with the same durability. To further enhance the service life is wool are mixed with 10% nylon. For those who want a little more luxury socks brand has obviously also Kashmir and silk stockings.

Panther Ella belongs today to one of the world’s most reputable manufacturers of stockings. From the beginning the production was entirely focused on female socks and tights. The brand pioneered the 30’s chose to walk away from the rough knitted stockings which then dominated the men’s fashions and instead produce light and thin socks for men. And it was not long before other brands intercepted Panther Ellas thin and stylish socks. All production is still in the brand’s factory in Leicester, England with distributors throughout the world.