Level of Detail: Personality Milan

Equally stylish and functional. It is difficult to survive the Swedish winter without a pair of stylish gloves. Our site closer look at the Milan brand personalitys colorful models. One of the most important parts of the process behind a pair of gloves is the cut of the leather. Better cutting manufacturers to ensure the quality of the leather, but also to provide a precise fit out each part by hand. Because the leather elasticity varies depending on the leather quality is not required rarely separate utskärningsmallar both for the specific size for each leather type.

The gloves are sewn by hand not only gives a solid feel, but also strengthens compliance. Leather is a living material that changes with time, and at least by exposure to moisture and cold. The advantage of hand-sewn seams is that they allow the leather to shift somewhat in size, but the fit is destroyed.

Gloves do not only fill an important function. Although stylistically speaking, they have a very strong value. Personlitys colorful pattern combinations, where the purchaser has large variation possibilities, makes this an even more interesting accessory. Worn with advantage in the outer rock’s breast pocket if it gets too hot.

The gloves are lined with cashmere, keeping your hands warm without getting sweaty. To enhance comfort stitched inner lining as a pair of separate gloves before being attached to the inside.