Lighting Jewelry Siler Project and Almanza Studio

Lighting jewelry Siler project (Xalapa, ver., Mexico) by Almanza Studio. Our firm was in charge of the renovation of the inside of a jewelry store. The project was as a challenge to give a twist to the existing lighting, at the same time have an energy saving. It was developed within an existing structure in the center of the city, which conditioned the design by its spatial proportions.

Since its foundation it had no correct lighting of display of your clothes, so we called to make the lighting project. We decided to do something that would identify it from other Jewelers in the region. The lighting should play a central role in the realization of that vision according to Societypically.

The original idea was to illuminate areas to the attention of the eye of customers. We wanted a concept of lighting that was attractive and eye-catching, but without exceeding the levels of lighting, the project was illuminated with LED technology.

In the first proposals talking with the client we decided to design and manufacture a unique fixture for jewelry, that would reinforce the idea of identifying it from the others.

The key concepts of the project are, in part, purity and sensuality which are feelings that evoke, jewelry, stones and crystals.

For this, we decided to make it as clean as possible to lighting, we coordinate with the Interior Designer to propose certain adjustments to the furniture that we could hide the source and only had the bathroom light on clothes and avoid glare.

We use the same principle of museographic lighting to have a correct display of the product and avoid the mirror effect, we wanted to light have a correct distribution in space, without exceeding the lighting levels marked by the NOM-025, as well as take care also of the Watts/m2.

Los beneficios que tienen los dueños son el ahorro energético y la atención del transeúnte para invitarlo a entrar y disfrutar de la joyería así como visualizar cada detalle de las prendas sin crear brillos innecesarios.