Looks Male for the New Year: Tips for Making Beautiful

When it comes to the month of December, my inbox fills with emails asking about suggestions for the new Year or even Christmas, because well, those are the outfits that I selected for this year, you have options for the beach, city, party, casual, formal and even for those who will stay home with the family, but wants to have the inspiration to do something different. See below for tips:

Looks Male for the New Year Tips for Making Beautiful

1 – Look all white? Go to the parts casual!

For those who do not open hand of the visual totally white, it is worth remembering that this type of combination works best with casual clothes, a look the more formal it can get a little exaggerated.

Note: disregard the cap or any type of hat during the night or indoors.


2 – Pants seersucker (anarruga) has lightweight fabric, great for summer

A lightweight option without appealing to the bermuda! The trousers of the striped fabric, and lightly wrinkled known as anarruga or seersucker is fine and can be made with cotton, linen or polyester, but the first two options are the most likely to not pass heat.

The most common color of the stripes are blue, black and green, and serve to break up the look fully white, while keeping the lightness of the combination of the summer, running well with cotton shirts, and tennis shoes, especially the slip on canvas, but by the photo you can see that the canvas are also in the race.


3 – Bermuda with micro prints make one look more fun

If the bermuda basic already does not have much to offer you, try one with micro prints, the visual is more relaxed, and wears well with a shirt basic cotton. The footwear for this combination should be very open with the choices falling on loafers rustic, loafers, boat shoes and drivers.


4 – Merge tailoring for a visual aligned and comfortable

A beautiful tailored trousers (cotton or wool, cold) will give a up the visual even though it is composed of simple pieces like a t-shirt or basic tennis shoes, urban and classic, besides, this mixture will make the costume comfortable and stripped down to the festivities.


5 – White with beige or off white is a good!

To not fall into the common place of the all white it is possible to insert a piece of off white, so it is created a certain dynamic between the top and the bottom of the combination without weighing in the hand. Colors such as beige, sand, khaki and ice are also options to consider. The footwear can be a slip on, like in the photo, or a derby casual in neutral color.


6 – Take the light jeans and the shirts clear of the cabinet

For a combo light and relaxed work very well pieces in bright colours and, of course, variations of blue, one of the colors in the spotlight this year. If the party is very casual the jeans delavê or with any wash as well strong will fall like a glove. To complement, overlap with the white t-shirt with a cotton shirt as well light – weight linen and gauze serve very well in this case.

Footwear white here is almost mandatory, but a slip on navy can also be taken into consideration.


7 – Use accessories for a colorful touch

Is finding the costume with a face a little pale too? Try inserting a few points of strong colors using accessories such as scarves, bracelets, ties, suspenders, or even the lapel pin, if you are from a blazer.


8 Shoes color for a striking style

If you want something that really highlights the pants color twill works very well. You can use it with items sober as a shirt, blazer and shoe, or with something very casual such as t-shirts and tennis shoes. But be careful, the part is not indicated to a party that asks for a certain degree of formality, in this case do not open hand of the tailoring.


9 – On the beach, only lightweight parts

Will spend the turn of the year with the foot on the sand? So do not invent fashion (with the forgiveness of trocadinho), choose something very light as a top, a linen shirt, a polo or t-shirt and cotton shorts comfortable and no pockets on the legs (cargo), no unnecessary bulk. Let the visual more cool with some colorful bangles on the wrists. The footwear follows the same line, can be a slip on canvas, a sandal of leather or the popular Hawaiian.


10 – Keep the tailoring in the spirit of the date

If you go to an event that calls for a stylish outfit, choose a white pants can be an easy way to keep the look within the spirit of the new year and still add other elements that will be within the dress code. Valley Polish in a tie with a beautiful combination of colors to give life to the look.


11 – Overlap to break up the all white

Who is going to opt for pants and the shirt white but is bothered by the visual totally white, you can cut this effect by overlaying a shirt of lightweight material and contrasting color, it is chambray, gauze, linen or cotton.


12 – Forget white!

Unless you have some reason of force majeure to use at least one white piece in the combo, the coordination parts colored and/or stamped is a more than welcome addition to the celebrations of the end of the year, the important thing is that you are well dressed and comfortable with what you are using.


Here are some more suggestions of men’s clothing for new Year’s eve party:

Final tips:

  • Try to get rid of the socks to be more fresh or, at least, to opt for the model that does not appear;
  • Bend the bars of the pants if the environment permits, you will give a fresh take on the legs and stay cool at the same time;
  • Be careful with running shoes cushioned, they may be comfortable, but heat up too much most of the time;
  • Belts, bracelets and watches are a beautiful way to complement the look and show how much you manja-style!
  • Short-sleeved shirts also are successful in the celebrations and casual gives to overlay a t-shirt to cool.

Author’s note:

When I speak of overlays I’m referring to the staff that live in cities not so hot for those who do not have this option to pass only with a shirt or t-shirt, just need to strive a little more to make a striking visual and raze.