For those who appreciate Italian style in relaxed vintage Boglioli and Cucinelli can countryman Lubiam be an interesting novelty. The brand, which is now available on the Swedish market and NKmix classic pieces with playful fabrics. Everything in classical Italian cuts.

The story behind Lubiam started in 1911 when Luigi Bianchi opened a skräddarateljé in Mantova, northern Italy. Interest in Bianchi’s studio quickly became large and attracted among other customers that the then Prince of Wales. In the 30’s the company carried out a major expansion and grew into a large-scale manufacturer of clothing. The company, which consists of three lines; Luigi Bianchi Mantova, LBM 1911 Lubiam 1911 Ceremony, driven indeed today so the family business by the fourth generation of the Bianchi. Below a small selection from the casual collection LBM in 1911.