Luxire Come to Stockholm Trunk Show 2 to 3 October

A company that we mentioned a few times here at Manolo’s dimensions sewing specialist Luxire that has become hugely popular for its high level of craftsmanship in relation to the price. Today we can announce that in the next week visiting Sweden and Stockholm for the first time for a Trunk Show.

You’ve been reading about Luxire here on Manolo when our writer Olof tried to stitch up a few classic cotton trousers.

The craftsmanship and handsewing you get for the price is almost unbeatable, but what led many to hesitate is the fact that the customer himself send in their measurements. A process that often requires a few tries to get it right.

This is not surprising since it is normally the company to take all measures at MTM and who knows the product better than them?

This becomes possible when Luxire visit Stockholm and the Royal Garden Hotel on Monday next week for its first Trunk Show on Swedish soil.

They have with them samples of their accessories, shirts, pants, etc., and will also offer a full bespoke HiFi jackets and suits.

This is something they are working to develop and kavajs building is undoubtedly the most complex of all garments which means that they want to work slowly and methodically to ensure the highest possible quality. The price level for a tailored jacket in an exclusive wool from Fox or Minnis is expected to be approximately $ 1,200.

Custom-made pants start at about $ 100 in cotton and shirts at about 70 $. In addition, there will be handmade accessories like ties, handkerchiefs and scarves from the company’s range.

Seats are limited, but the company is planning to visit Stockholm through in the next few months.

For more information about the event and make a booking, contact the easiest way now here.