Luxury in Switzerland

For women, there is a widespread culture to shop luxury lingerie. We men are expected to be more about large pack at your nearest fashion chain. But there are options for those who really sees the big picture and want to wear quality even where it is not visible – as Swiss Zimmerli.

There are classics such as Jockey, Sunspel and Calida. When it comes to luxurious lingerie, it is not much that can compete with Swiss Zimmerli. The brand’s founder Pauline Zimmerli-Bauerlin was a pioneer of Swiss clothing and textile industry when she was in the late 1800s imported the country’s first knitting machine. The brand’s customer base consists of everything from Prince Charles to Tom Cruise.

All production takes place in Coldrerio, Switzerland – where a number of different parts elastic and overlap actually sewn by hand. This material works Zimmerli with various qualities; from pure natural materials like cashmere and Egyptian cotton to industrially produced materials such as lycra and micromodal. What is perhaps most distinguishes the brand’s underwear is that they like better shirt manufacturers working with dubbelspunna yarns which gives the garment a better strength and comfort. To further increase the comfort burned any protruding fibers removed in a gas flame.

Many of the qualities has been around a long time in the brand’s range. Ribbed cotton quality Richeliue, introduced in the 30th century and is one of the brand’s most famous. Among other garments from the collection during appeared in such films as Rocky, Ray and Walk the Line.

In Sweden sold Zimmerli His Allde and Götrich in Stockholm, Provfa Clothing in Malmö and Divanti in Lititz. On the brand’s official website is also list of web shops selling brand.