Male Clothing and Accessories to Spend Comfortable Summer Vacation

Summer comes and the beach looks like a target, even with the holidays and high season filling up the Brazilian coast, most of us try to get their feet wet in salt water as soon as you can! But a lot of people use this casual environment as an excuse to relax in style, which is not a very acceptable justification, since our swimwear is very rich and diversified, moreover, urban clothes can be adapted to a coastal style and relaxed, if you push a little.

Here are some suggestions of male clothing and a cessories to spend summer vacation with comfort and style, taking advantage of the best that the coastline has to offer and fleeing the heat whenever possible:

1-To Beach: Bermuda For Water+Swimwear

You do not enjoy swimsuit? But you must have a. The piece has fast drying and, unlike cotton underwear is soaked for a long time, makes a good pair with shorts for water. On the other hand, who is not a fan of trademark Tan left for bermuda can also leave a piece of this type within the beach bag or backpack, because it can be worn after a dive, when he hits that hunger and you need to enter in any establishment that doesn’t allow bathing suit, just to name an example.

2-To Beach: Hat+Sunglasses

If the star-King is inclement, you can’t fool around, you have to protect yourself. Always keep around a nice and discreet Cap (you’re on the beach, none of those things in the NBA) and sunglasses with style and protection from the UV rays, i.e. don’t go buy product sold by a street vendor, invest in a quality piece according to GETZIPCODES.

3-To Beach: Shorts+Race

If your intention is not to get in the water, just take a walk with your feet in the sand or taking a coconut water feeling the sea breeze, it’s still worth the combination of tank top with a short light. Those who do not sympathize with the length of the shorts can change by a bermuda flat.

4-To Beach: Shoes

For who’s going to step on the sand there is no better option than a simple pair of sandals, because they are easy to clean and are not bothering or warming up. If the goal is a race by edging the best are still the shoes turned to race, but airy and options with lighter soles are highlighted.

5–To Walk: Cotton Shirt+Linen Shorts

Linen and cotton are almost mandatory in the summer if you want to keep the body cooler, plus the visual of them is well suited to the season and even the dents of the linen look win charm in a look so casual.

6–To Walk: Cotton Shirt + Pants Chino

A midnight stroll or late afternoon that can transform into a relaxed dinner or a trip to a bar deserves a look more well taken care of, but that doesn’t mean you’ll spend hot: combine a linen or cotton shirt (with tropical prints are high) chino trousers and footwear down, bend the bars to let the wind hitting the shins and drop two buttons of his shirt to ensure visual praiano and unglued.

7-To Walk: Race + Shirt + Shorts Chino

I’ve talked about the use of race in a way that you don’t seem very “dumped” and, among them, the overlap with a casual shirt with long sleeves (doubled, of course) or short, something used a lot in town, but which also house perfectly with the coastal style.

8 – To Walk: Shoes

The slip on shoes and canvas unfolds yatch in summer, but there are also Brazilian space and climate for the docksides (boat shoes) and, for those who like their feet, a leather sandal with airy.

9-Accessories And Add-Ons


The perfume to the climate and coastal environment have to be remarkable and combine with the location! The Eau de Toilette Carolina Herrera 212 Men Surf is inspired on hot summer days. Their output notes suggest the refreshing sea, while the base notes are warm and Woody.


If you’re going to get just a clock on the trip, which is a model of handle.This model mix the analog and digital, have modern design and sporty, Chronograph, and resists up to 100 m under water, but can also supplement that casual look for a ballad.


Accessories, as these bracelets, are always welcome to complement the visual and a young and stripped the combination.


The Sun won’t make it easy for you, so don’t make it easy for the burn and melanoma, always wear sunscreen!