Manolo Remembers 00s

In a few hours, we celebrate a new decade. But before that, let’s look back at the past ten years. What trends have made an impression and what follow us into 2010?

Breast handkerchief restoration – No accessory can be said to have had such a strong boost that breast handkerchief. From having been an accessory for people with very questionable character would suddenly everyone liven up jacket with a colorful piece of silk in his breast pocket. Now, the vast majority to endorse it feel naked without it.

Fly’s return – like a handkerchief, interest in fly has been tremendous. Manufacturers selling finished nodule flies and bright red silk handkerchiefs in packages cheered. Perhaps the majority of Swedish men learn to tie a fly and avoid seeing alienated out until 2020?

Sanding’s maturity – after abused in broad-winged knots of sports anchor and then appearing in the thread narrow design of mediocre pop participants lost many hope the tie. But in recent years the interest somewhat recovered. Not least because the crocheted versions and the free ties in wool or cashmere. But no tie, neither 15 or 1.5 centimes wide.

Dior Homme – Hedi Slimanes triumph with Dior Homme, where everyone wanted clothes that felt like an extra layer of skin could not miss. Super Tight was the word. On the Swedish domestic market made Cheap Monday hit their rocking skinny jeans with stretch. Hardcore denim nerds saw red, while indie kids rejoiced at having finally found jeans that fits like adhesive tape.

Tom Ford – Actually, it’s quite possible to write 90 as well as 00’s Tom Ford. The work at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent had two tire brands to experience a new era. With their own brand Ford has gone from super talented designer to God. In a suit landscape where super narrow lapel and a little rocky skyline dominated Ford did just the opposite. Ford has brought it compromises well-dressed men’s fashions. With the upcoming women’s collection and debut as a film director, it is not entirely unexpected that the form also dominate the 2010s.

Thom Browne – Another central figure in the 00s is Thom Browne. A man as hated as loved for his shrunken suit silhouette. Whatever flavor teaches not have escaped the short legs with a whole generation to think about what they have stockings on them.

Jeansvåg – During the late 90s and early 00s launched a bevy of Swedish jeans manufacturer that Acne, Nudie and Cheap Monday. Last years the focus has been directed towards jeans denim fanatics with brands like Indigofera and Denim DENOM while the larger brands broadened towards clothing.

Chino Chills – Jeans in all its glory. That we might all take with us into 2010 are chinosen completely exploded in recent seasons. I remember a reader who would stop reading our site chinos if the word was mentioned again. I understand actually, it’s been a hell of a pounding. But do not let chinosen that garments be held accountable for this.

Preppymode – After years of legal philistine fashion with football stars like style model wanted all of a sudden look like taken from a scene from Brideshead Revisited, Talented Mr. Ripley, Dead Poets Society. It was thrown with words like Preppy and sophisticated academic style. All while fashion boutiques began to style their business with dusty books and stuffed pheasants.

Unlined – Unlined jackets have been on everyone’s lips in recent seasons. Everything from British Savile Row tailors to the eccentric Italian peeled off his jacket from more or less superfluous details. Lighter fabrics washed qualities avdramatiserade jacket as an additional garment. All to the delight of us who lacked alternative to the rigid black business suit.

The Sartorialist – Few can be said to have had the same power in men’s fashions street style o’fotografen Scott Schuman, better known as The Sartorialist. The project, which began with photographs of well-dressed people from the streets of New York has now grown into a must in the RSS reader with several million style suktande visitors per week and several high-profile advertising campaigns including Gant and most recently, Burberry and The Art of the Trench.

Blog Fashion – Fashion bloggers’ rampage can not have escaped anyone. In just a few seasons turned up hundreds of thousands of blogs filled with shopping tips and chai latte, which came to be called for the democratization of fashion. But there are countless female fashion bloggers lit the men are still missing. Like the qualitative selection for those who do not want to read about DennisM’s dieting tips or Kissies love advice. We put all our hope in 2010 that offers something far more stylish.