Material Used for Leggings

Easy to live, the leggings is a model of simplicity dress.

This tight shorts has established itself in our wardrobes. Versatile, we love the summer, with a loose tank top, a blindfold and a pair of tennis and winter, we love his opaque side, that one associates with a printed tunic and boots. Hotter than a sticky, the leggings are collectible in all colors. Alternatives to the legging, the jeggings the treggings trends and are invading our wardrobes!

What color and material of leggings to choose?

Whether cotton or viscose, the leggings is always expandable, with its high percentage of elastane. The rest black legging benchmark, which is a must – have to possess. Very tight, the latter is with some senior loose to offset the silhouette. The legging is fancy, with prints of all kinds: graphic, ethnic, Aztec, flower, animal, tile…Dare leggings printed with a denim shirt or a black fluid dress

The jeggings and treggings, variations of the leggings

Then what is jeggings? The jeggings is leggings in a jean material. Ultra comfortable with a waist, no zip or zip, the jeggings is very similar to the skinny. It may be bleached, or raw color in a gradient of washes. If the treggings is ultra pants tight, it is often associated with the coated fabric, vinyl or with biker details. Very trendy, the treggings can wear, like a leather trousers. Praised by all the stars, the treggings is perfect to display filiform legs.