Maternity Fashion: Pregnancy Wardrobe Tips To Dress The Baby Bump

According to celebrity stylist Estee Stanley , who works with Lea Michele, Jessica Biel and Ashley Olsen, who just had their second child, ” It doesn`t matter if you decide to wear tight clothing to show off your stomach or hide it with flowy tops.You must stay true to any style you usually wear .” Here are 5 fashion tips offered by the stylist on how to stay fashionable for the next nine months.

Do not get a read! # 1 Choose the comfortable `re style with

Just because your body is changing doesn`t mean you need to transform your wardrobe with loose and more size clothing. The elegant urges all moms who expect to have clues from Gisele Bündchen when she was pregnant. The supermodel forced herself to look unconcerned. Even though she wore her casual clothing, she looked fabulous. The Brazilian model was always in jeans, a motorcycle jacket and boots and she could still give a competition to the finer models on the track. [ Read also: What to wear for a baby shower] # 2 Amateur-Lycra

During the fifth, sixth and seventh month of pregnancy, the baby’s collision gradually appears and the stylist finds it sexy to display the handsome rooster and not to speak in style. And covering the collision can be a little intimidating task as you do not want to look bigger in the first place. Lycra in such case is the best fabric to go for. They are elastic enough to display their shape in a good way. # 3 for denim, if you are a girl of pants

If you like to wear pants then denim is your best choice. You should wear it that makes you feel comfortable. Thanks to the revival in regular fashion, you can now find a variety of maternity jeans. Such pairs of denim come with an adjustable panel, which gives your extra stomach support, offering you maximum comfort. # 4 How about a wrap dress

If you are willing to dress up in western style but do not know what to wear to the party then dress up wrap is the answer. A wrap dress allows you to show the collision in balance. The silhouette cut is extremely comfortable, plus the neckline makes you look sexy even when you`re 7 months pregnant. # 5 Take clues from Victoria’s Secret Angel

The Victoria`s secret angels are known to have the best numbers on the globe. What happens when any of your angels get pregnant? Well, nothing changes much. You can check Heidi Klum during pregnancy pregnancy and post understand why this lingerie brand`s models are referred to as `angels`. Stanley had to say about Heidi Klum`s pregnancy fashion, Heidi Klum knows how to dress from a baby bump, because he is a good friend and he loves to dress, but he does not want to be in the middle of the night. You can not go wrong with black . ” Maternity fashion spring You can invest in some real fashion pieces to have it come out in style this spring. I came across this fabulous maternity fashion wardrobe that is sleek and functional at the same time. You can not only use them when you`re pregnant, but even you can withdraw them in your nursing days, saving them for future pregnancies as well. Chances are you can love these numbers so much that even you`d like to use them when you baby has grown and you don`t need them. Maternity Casual

Check out this casual fashion number that has not only classic style and cut but also includes fun details to keep your spirits high letting you forget those occasional disease, swollen ankles and swelling. Check out this fabulous red top that comes with the perfect amount of stretching to occupy your A sexy fabric opening on the back, studded cuffs and the rich, red tint “maternity bulk.” – All of these elements make this a top piece of statement making for the fashion forward woman who is hugging her tummy. Maternity office wear

`Ve seen us feature corporate fashions a couple of times but we apologize for not offering anything to expect moms who still prefer to go to work as long as they can afford to . Here are some fabulous pieces to take some inspiration from. These outfits will not only give you Luxe feel, but keep you on top of fashion even if you`ve put on weight. This White Libby Tunic is a fitted kitchen, 3/4 length sleeves, front button tunic. It comes with a liner that you can tie it up either front or back depending on your mood. Since the design of the tunic is loose and cheerful, you should pair it with a pair of thin, tailored pant. You can pair this tunic with tailored cigarette pants that feature slim, straight legs hit right at the ankles. Now complete the look with a high heel boot and some jewelry statement for a polished office look!

Are you a fan of fashionable Kate Middleton`she adore her iconic sense of style, especially when she was pregnant? If yes then you will instantly fall in love with this stylish maternity outfit. How about wearing maternity synthetic leather panel leggings that can give an edge to your look to make a “rock star” statement without being over the top? To create an impact, you can pair them with a classic, demure black high collar sweater. This monochromatic silhouette will balance the nervousness of the leggings, while making you look slimmer at the same time. This turtle-neck black top also offers a nursing panel for future use as well. Now you can complete the look with a gray wool cardigan maternity cashmere wrap (optional) in case you want to hide your baby’s bump.