Maternity Leggings

Today the leggings are a fundamental part of our wardrobe, it’s a basic, comfortable and super piece that can be used, but when we speak of that precious and for some complicated stage which is pregnancy, the leggings become your best allies.

The maternity Leggings or for pregnant women are super comfortable, at first you do not need to be itself for pregnant women, because being the leggings elastic one-piece vale yourself with your new curves. However as the pregnancy progresses most advisable is to buy you some Leggings for pregnant, because they have that special way that makes that adapts to your “tummy” and hold your belly, which is very, but very comfortable.

There are several models of maternity leggings from, some which Pocket your tummy, like this:

That go well in cold climates, holding your belly and are very comfortable, until some say that up to help you prevent stretch marks (so keep your subject skin), thing that I have not personally tested.

There is also another model, which has an elastic band that holds only the lower part of the belly:

I particularly found this model more comfortable during my pregnancy, also in warm climates or in midsummer is appreciated.

Because a leggings is a good choice if you are pregnant?; because you blend with any style, from a super natural to purchase up to an elegant look to go to dinner.

Rules for using an a leggings if these pregnant:

Looking for one that is your size or a little larger, it is better for the leggings is an elastic garment that can “grow” with you, but to some extent, remember that the more stretch more It is transparent, defects are marked and even uncomfortable.

Used shirts, blouses or sweaters large; Dale slack to your look, that top is wide comfortable and loose, to make smooth your figure and not you too mark your new figure. It is one thing to mark the belly, ocn desacandoi a belt delicate above or below this and another thing is look like a badly drawn sausage. In addition to being more comfortable with a baggy look, also, it will make you look more elegant your pregnancy.

Prevents the prints: there are patterns that are hard to use even without being pregnant, already have enough volume in the upper part of your body and to add more. during pregnancy prevents large prints, luce unicolor garments that help you Stylize.

Finally using common sense, remember that the main rule when it comes to dress is to harmonize your figure to Stylize ourselves visually and highlight what we luce; in that sense, your pregnancy is a special and wonderful time, you do not hide it, you don’t have to change your style, only ayudate with comfortable garments that suit your new (and temporary) figure and lucelo with elegance and pride.