Maternity & Nursing Jersey Dress

Simply so beautiful nursing dress made of soft jersey in a nice blue with wide red border. The ultimate investment, since the dress also can be used as wait dress. It’s called Henna and is good for everyday, but the red stripe makes it also suitable for Christmas celebrations, for example:-)

Maternity & Nursing Jersey Dress

Super beauty wait dress and nursing dress in one, both in the fine cut with ‘ ballet-style ‘ in wrap-around the piece at the top and in the stunning blue with the Red block at the bottom. The dress has a cut that is beautiful and flattering with wrap-around average top and long tie bands, who sits in the empire line and thereby highlights both the bosom and possibly. stomach. It is a dress that in a discreet manner making them noticed, not because it is crazy and violent, but beautiful and remarkable.

Use wait-/nursing dress as it is, with your party pumps and nice pantyhose underneath, or dress it down a bit with leggings, winter boots and maybe a cardigan over. The dress has, as I said, turn-about average for bodice and long sleeves. And so is the soft and comfortable to wear.

Maternity Acronyms:

AML: Additional Maternity Leave >> (Learn more by searching on abbreviation finder)
The dress is both suitable as wait dress and nursing dress. To the nursing mother, there is nursing opening in the inner piece under the wrap-around part. As the dress is also good, wait when the substance contains very stretch.

Maternity & Nursing Jersey DressMaternity & Nursing Jersey Dress