Mice Mode

It is a little crass notes that Swedish men’s fashion in recent seasons acted really about creating the right look. To adjust the cap so that it is just the right angle. A bit like the rolled chinosen the head. The feeling should be, even though the carrier spent half an hour in front of the mirror to be that cap skiing on the fly. Around the clock, year round.

For many, however, the cap is not the main ingredient to a successful style but exclusively a warm accessory for winter. An accessory that receives to add increasingly large amounts of clean and stylistically primarily associated with skiing outfit for the mountains.

But so ugly, they need not actually be. The fact is that there are a range of warming and at the same time stylish examples. As the ribbed cashmere caps. A tight-fitting model in beige, brown or navy blue is a good starting point that works equally well tailored overcoat as casual attire with sports-oriented functional jacket. Personally I think caps with raised edge is the absolute best choice. Completely flat caps for easy ideas to Ali G. And skip the blaffiga logos that nobody feels good to have in the forehead.