Midi Fashion Skirt, Which One To Choose According To Your Body?

Do You Know The Midi Skirt And Peep Toe Shoes?

Midi Fashion Skirt, Which One To Choose According To Your Body

Good morning, today we will open the women’s fashion section. But before, I want to take advantage of the post to thank the support todemodaybelleza.com . We’re having a lot of visitors. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

We start this new section with Edurne. It has been a great pleasure to work with her, for her sweetness and sympathy. A few days ago I was in my hometown and I decided to take this photo session with her to explain how to take advantage of the midi fashion skirts.

For her, we have chosen a key item, the midiskirt: Midi skirt and channel bag, accompanied by Peep Toe shoes.

In today’s post we will learn how to wear these garments that mark trend and know which elements favor us more according to our silhouette.

The Midi Fashion Skirt

This skirt, the midi skirt, is a wonder and practically adapts to any silhouette giving a touch of elegance and class to your style.

It also offers different widths for different effects.Do you know which one favors you the most?Find out!

What Fashion Skirt Midi Favors Me More?

#1 The Midi Fashion Skirt Below The Knee

This length marks a trend for this fall. (I’ll tell you about it later in another post).

#2 Midi Knee Length Skirt

This width is the one we have chosen for Edurne.It gives that chic touch that we need and also makes the legs longer as this length, lets see the leg in a stylized way, visually lengthening them. To top it off, the skirt part of the waist, not the hip, this makes a perfect effect and combined with the length, is perfect for looking more height or longer legs.

How Do You Know What Type Of Midi Skirt Makes You Taller ?

Before any skirt you buy, make sure that the skirt is long! If it starts from the waist to the knees, it will have more course than if part of the hip.

The Keys To Choosing Your Midi Fashion Skirt

The skirts that come from the waist, will make you appear taller.

The skirts up to the knees, will make you more elongated.

The skirts that leave the hip, will make you look shorter.

The skirts shorter than the knees, will make you look wider.

In addition to the skirt, one last tip: The belt.

The belts according to what looks, can bring you that final touch that will make you shine.

In this case the belt is key to the middi skirts.These kind of fashionable skirts are wide and hide our silhouette. For this the belt is the key. By placing it at the waist, we will stylize the silhouette, and the optical effect is of a wasp waist.

Channel Type Bag

This type of bag is a basic in any woman’s wardrobe and we recommend you take it out.This year is going to be a trend especially in the fall.

Peep Toe Shoes

These kind of shoes are fashionable. The Peep Toe shoes are those stilletos with the tip open. It comes in handy to have the toenails painted so that the foot is favored with this type of shoes.Do you want to know which pinnauñas favors you more? You can find out in our beauty post by clicking here.

I hope you liked the tricks today. Thank you very much for your comments.