Miley Cyrus, Home of The Journal Glamor USA

If yesterday we were talking about a super Gisele Bundchen, who stars in the cover of Vanity Fair, now is the turn of the young Miley Cyrus, better known as Hannah Montana, who stars in cover and editorial in the Glamour magazine United States from May 2009.

With a casual and youthful air (just 16 years old), Miley He wears jeans torn and worn, t-shirts with abstract prints, vests of sequins, even long evening dresses, in a very casual way.

The factory actress Disney has become in one of the most popular girls of the world and sometimes receives harsh criticism for their photos, for the clothes chosen for acts such as the Oscars, for his statements, or images with little clothes that are filtered to the press, but it must be very hard that is pending ti everyone being so young. All have made nonsense of teenagers, what happens with it is that everyone knows them within a few hours.

With the next release of the Hannah Montana movie (until now was only a TV series) seems to have Miley Cyrus for a while.

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