Minerva Fashion 2017, with More Strength Than Ever

It is no wonder that this edition this great expectations, since as we know time coordination it falls into one of the cameras that take part in the event, and in this case it is the turn of the jewellery House who is known for his flawless logistics and vision for the development of such projects.

Again participating Chambers of the clothing industry delegation Jalisco, jewelry Chamber, Chamber of footwear of Jalisco and the textile Chamber to develop this event which has already become iconic in this local fashion industry.

Another of the interesting points that arose was mentioned by LIC. Carlos Sotomayor that new account the academic from the fashion Council will develop the project 8 + involving more capsule of 12 schools of design of fashion and not only of Jalisco but from different parts of the Mexican Republic with this interesting form of collection development. But most remarkable is this effort that as well mentioned Lic. Sotomayor is the “socialization of fashion” through agreements that will be with various facilities for the transmission of the runways which will promote the enculturation of the emerging fashion in the city of Guadalajara, and out of this. This initiative is an interesting step for the democratization of fashion is palpably lives within our city in a way not of consumerism but of knowledge and understanding of what is happening with our industry in our own city.

Finally we have to highlight the Conference programme and activities that will Minerva Fashion this year, with more than 10 conferences by interesting exponents of fashion and various related twists, definitely not it may be lost.