Modcloth: Virtual Lovers of Vintage Style Shop

If I had to describe my style, I would say that my main source of inspiration is the New Look and the silhouettes of the 50’s and 60’s. I feel very identified with that look very feminine and flirtatious. But where can I find items that reinvent those times? Several fashionable author occur to me, but to complement the search you would add the shop ModCloth, paradise of the “vintage”. Here I show it yourself. vintage clothing, cute dresses, indie and retro women’s clothing

ModCloth met through Fashiolista and immediately I loved it. There it is possible to spend hours vitrineando dresses (Star his clothing), shoes, necklaces and countless design objects that evoke different decades. Without a doubt, my favorites are those that appeal to the 50’s and early 60’s.
Your website is very easy to navigate because it is divided by sections of products (dresses, top, shoes and handbags), Department (costumes, vintage, offers, shoes, etc.) and size (of clothes and shoes). In addition to a space for the pursuit of brands and designers.
Although still not bought, since I met her in full period of abstinence fashionista, I did some tests to find out what such easy was and how much it cost. First thing: carvings. If one is not clear if it will look good or not the product, each of them have a table of measures to guide the purchase and secures fit.
The second thing: shipping. If one decided on a garment, should register on the site – with email -, mark size and then do the check-out. In the process they will ask you your address and included once, you will see the firm and price options. I tried a pair of shoes and the traditional shipping up to 3 weeks cost around US$ 16. While that had tracking to keep track of the purchase and was supposed to had a maximum delay time of 10 days and cost more than US$ 40. That Yes, you not claimed that it happened “dust and straw” free at your local customs office. Therefore, always have to plan the possibility of that charge you income tax what can be even more expensive purchase.
But let us be optimistic, if not to touch you “draw”, a pair of shoes from US$ 47 (around $23,000) with expenditure of traditional shipping you will be at US$ 63, i.e. about $31,000 app. Ah! the system of payment is Paypal, so you pay with credit card, but with this intermediary.
Though it sounds somewhat tangled process, you’ll realize that not so much. Just need to dare and do a good calculation for not “pay the desire”. At least in terms of products, falling in love is almost automatic. Do you dare to buy into it?