More Baby Changers in Male Restrooms

To change the diaper away from home not only have to take into account the logistics of everything included in the baby bag, but also an aspect of comfort and hygiene: where to change the baby? Because they do not have time or are predictable, the spaces are grateful exchangers for babies, Although Interestingly most of them are found in the baths of women.

Then, what happens when there is changer and is the Pope charge diaper? Probably more than one ever thought to enter the women’s room though, luckily, more and more male bathrooms are baby changers. As it is happening in Madrid. That, when there are, because in the worst case we become crazy looking for that comfortable space and finally is the same baby stroller, a bank or the ground has served in as “changer” to remove the dirty diaper and wipe the baby.

It is this a change demanded by some sectors of society (including famous as Ashton Kutcher) but so far has no legal basis in Spain according to Businesscarriers. So we rely on “good will” of companies and public agencies in facilitating the issue of diaper changing parents.

In the United States, on the other hand, there is recent legislation (the “law babies”) of which you speak, that forces to baths of men in public buildings have also changers for babies, since such a change requires a place that is physically safe, hygienic and appropriate and to be available both in female toilets as men, since women are not the only caretaker of the baby.

Throughout this year 2017, the city of Madrid has installed a total 48 changers in cultural spaces and leisure Madrid target, municipal company that depends on the Area of culture and sports. Thus, already changers can be found in the toilets of Knight in areas such as Madrid Arena, Palacio Municipal de Congress, Fernan Gomez Theatre, the Spanish Theatre, La Caja Mágica, El Circo Price, enclosure Ferial de la Casa de Campo, the Cineteca, the Pabellón de Cristal…

48 changers are already installed, but now missing details, how to install signage and signalling. In this sense, we imagine that the icon used in this case will not be the usual silhouette of woman (with its corresponding skirt) changing the diaper of baby, another example of “normal” and hope that soon a more neutral image generalize to indicate the changer space in the men’s room.

Best thing about this news is that babies are those who win because they won’t have that are changed on the ground or basins (essential a folding guard for not placing the baby on any surface!) and also now we claim to care of the proper design and hygiene of these increasingly common spaces.

An important step for equality, since changing diapers is not just for women. But other many steps that facilitate that parents take care of their children, especially in the workplace and conciliation in general, for men and women is needed. You who read us, Pope: ever had to enter ever in women’s swimwear to change your child’s diaper?