More Vintage Shop: Fashion Revalorada

The student of design of the University of Valparaiso, Caro Castle, confesses a love of vintage clothing, not only because of its unique character, but also by its quality and historical significance. However, felt that the available offer not 100% satisfied it. For this reason it created More Vintage Shop, a brand that remodels and reconsiders the vintage. Here he presents it.

The proposal for More Vintage Shop

“Clothing from the recycling and refurbishment of vintage garments, restoring the shape of the workpiece by making it more contemporary, without losing the reminiscence of the past. The garments are very accessible, since working with recycled materials reduces the cost of production.”

Factors that influence at the time of a garment to intervene or to create a new

“Early influences to which belongs the garment, to see what I can add or remove, the materiality and shape. “And to create a new influences the type of fabric, texture and colour that go according to form”.

The “providers” for More Vintage shop

“Of fairs of garments used in my city, or the place where it is because I am always aware of to find a ‘treasure’ or used clothing stores. “I always notice that they are legitimately old, authentic clothes, that are in good condition and that fence in accordance with the line of the brand”.

The sustainable element in the identity of More Vintage brand shop

“I give great importance to brand identity. I worry constantly that the garments will be within a same conceptual framework, following forms and colors consistent with the aesthetics of More Vintage. Sustainable fashion element applies fully in the mark, since tOdes remodeled or made, clothes come from recycled garments and fabrics, is given a new life, and begin a new cycle to continue lasting”.

The future of More Vintage shop

“I so imagine growing slowly, but never reaching the massive, since it is not what I want according to That garments are identity, that seeing them can deduce that belong to More Vintage, that is valued the fact that it is an old piece, and the taboo that it used is ‘dirty’, Miss but instead, rating the years possessing and try it will endure much more with this new form”.