Mustard and Gray

… and crazy hair!

This time I returned to take hold of this dress mustard but I wanted to combine it in a different way to teach it.

 I’m sure that many of you have seen you in a store with a little mustard on hand and ever thought… “vale and this with what get me it?”. My immediate response is: Brown, but I want to show you along the winter there are many more possibilities. My goal is to once again try to make you lose the fear of vivid colors (as you should be up to boring for me in this sense) since I know good hand that back the screen there are many of you that hard to take the step according to preorderhandbags.

So this time I combined mustard with black and gray to show it to you but the weather conditions played me a dirty trick. First it was impossible to take the photos out by rain and wind, then I decided to make them in house portal… and then when I was preparing this post I was these crazy creeps! Dot have been not to publish them because I don’t know that I look : S but one week only with a post? Have to repeat outfit to show you the mustard with black and grey?Well, lost river… even with crazy hairs

Sometimes the trendy colours can scare us, sometimes we think that not enough party will draw them and which do not compensate for spending… In short, don’t we risk almost anything with color and fall into the monotony of dark colors… For my part I wish to subscribe to the color, either trend or not, I think that a good wardrobe not only has basic Brown, black and white but it has basic in many colors!When we get really match the garments it is when thepossibilities of combining with what we have are very spacious. That Yes, a good wardrobe is not from one day to another, not get the wallet and we do it, a good closet full of color is gradually losing the fear and acquiring new pasito a pasito pieces.

Anything else, I would like to tell you that I do know if it is a boy or a girl but, no it has not been too clear on Ultrasound (although found you girl). That Yes, already I feel, above all at night and it is a feeling… M-A-R-A-V-I-L-L-O-S-A