My Most Special by TOUS Jewellery

A few days ago I was invited to meet the special more jewels de Rosa Tous in Polanco, Mexico Cd, full of life, colour and brightness own #Fashionfans jewels; I want to share my excitement for having been there and able to show this collection than this incredible with images that we could take exclusively for you.

Imagine was an event that coincided with my vacation and my coverage to MBFWMx, what you feel or a second to go, despite not knowing how to move me in Mexico City. Find the ideal look was not easy, but still only man must learn to play with the tie and shirt when combined with the suit, the result was great for me according to physicscat.

A House on the street Horacio awaited us, Spanish architectural style place and while it made us feel as if we lived there was what I perceived on arrival; a very cosy atmosphere we discovered by different areas of the House special collection that TOUS brought to our country and at each time I fell in love of what he saw.

The event was attended by Rosa Tous who external “be excited to come to Mexico, which considers his second home and has a great fondness, with this collection believed to have returned to its origins in the design and creation, and you want to be everyone’s taste”; Jacqueline Bracamontes was the special guest of the night, who Pike radiant with a black dress that is fitted with a belt, collected hair and make-up nude and carrying a jewel of this collection.

My most special jewelry consists of pieces such as sortijos, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, chains, earrings and gold earrings, combined with beautiful stones. I share the best images #Fashionfans. Do you think this collection?